Smart communication platform

Atomix is an innovative communication platform that leverages the latest AI technology to push your business to achieve its full potential. With top-tier security, cost efficiency, and smart features, your business will stay ahead of the curve in today's fast-paced business landscape.

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All in one platform

With Atomix, businesses can streamline their operations and maximize productivity through a unified platform that effectively meets their diverse needs.

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Data security

Atomix brings new standards to security. There is no usage of phone numbers or telephony networks. All conversations and calls are encrypted.

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Cost effective

With Atomix, you can expect affordable pricing without any compromise on quality.

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Management essentials

Atomix provides a wide range of innovative tools for managers to help them monitor and supervise their clients.

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AI tools

Atomix offers a dashboard for managers that contains insight into conversations that require attention.

AI technology

Real-time emotion detection

Atomix has introduced a revolutionary emotion detection technology, which has proved to be a game-changer for businesses aiming to improve customer service. By allowing the agents to see the emotions of the client they're talking to in real-time, they can better adjust to the client's needs.

Emotional analytics

By allowing the agents to see the emotions of the client they're talking to in real-time, they can better adjust to the client's needs. Emotional analytics can lead to the following:


Increased satisfaction


Higher customer loyalty


Clients feeling more valued and appreciated


Overall increase in performance

By leveraging this technology, companies can gain a competitive edge by providing a more personalized and empathetic customer service experience, which will ultimately lead to better customer retention and revenue growth.

Management essentials

Smart managing tools

Optimize your operations and improve agent performance with AI technology.

Messages oversight

Manage messages

Call monitoring

Manage live calls

Performance dashboard

Manage team performance

Messages oversight
Messages oversight

Messages oversight

Always stay in control by easily spying on your agents' text conversations.

  • Real-time conversation reading
  • Full access to conversation history
  • AI-powered conversations summary
Monitor ongoing calls
Call monitoring

Monitor ongoing calls

Quick and secure spy on agent's calls, whisper for guidance when necessary.

  • Real-time call listening
  • Whisper to the agent only
  • Call recording access
Comprehensive dashboard
Performance dashboard

Comprehensive dashboard

Quickly get the overall performance of your agents and the most urgent conversations that require attention.

  • Highlights of the highest and lowest performing agents
  • Real-time showing of problematic conversations that require attention
  • Increase confidence knowing your agents are constantly monitored
Conversion center

Increase conversion rates

Atomix's wide feature set was designed to increase your business conversion rates.

Atomix platform

In-Chat dialing: Conversion booster

Seamlessly initiate calls within chat sessions, enhancing customer engagement and leading to better conversions.

Atomix platform
Atomix platform
Atomix platform

Crystal clear audio calls

Transform your call experience with unparalleled clarity using state-of-the-art noise suppression and echo cancellation technology.


Always available and equipped with knowledge about your business. Customers will always receive appropriate support, even if your agents are unavailable.

Atomix platform

Tailored branding

Customize your chat interface to align with your business aesthetics and branding.

Ready to get started?

Connect your system easily with our user-friendly API. Full cross platform support, including iOS, Android and any browser.

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